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URS-10T 소변검사용시약스트립

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Anlyzer and visual analysis and sensitivity range

Item sensitivity Analyzer range Visual range
백혈구 Leukocytes (ca cells/uL) 5-15 Neg.-500 Neg.-500
아질산염 Nitrite (umol/L) 13-22 Neg.-Pos Neg.-Pos
우로빌리노겐 Urobilinogen (umol/L) 3.2-16 3.4-135 3.4-135
단백질 Protein (g/L) 0.15-0.3 Neg.-3.0 Neg.-20.0
pH - 5.0-9.0 5.0-9.0
잠혈 Blood (ca cells/uL) 5-15 Neg.-200 Neg.-200
비중 Specific Gravity - 1.005-1.030 1.005-1.030
케톤체 Ketone (mmol/L) 0.5-1.0 Neg.-7.8 Neg.-16
빌리루빈 Bilirubin (umol/L) 8.6-17 Neg.-100 Neg.-100
포도당 Glucose (mmol/L) 2.8-5.5 Neg.-55 Neg.-55
How to Use
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      Take out the strip from the plastic bag and immediately close the lid. It is very important not
      to touch the pad area with the reagent on the strip as this may affect the test results.
      Immerse the reagent portion of the strip in urine and quickly remove it.


      Be careful not to mix reagents from other pads by tilting the edge of the strip container so
      that the urine flows down or by wiping the dripping urine off with toilet paper.


      Check the results carefully by comparing the color chart on the bottle label with the test
      strip within the specified time under bright light. The specified time (30-120 seconds) is
      different for each test. A color change that appears only on the edge of the test pad or
      after 2 minutes or more is not diagnostic. When reading with a device, carefully follow the
      instructions provided in the device's user manual. Urine discoloration can cause individual
      differences in the visual interpretation of test results.